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Forget the "one size fits all" OEM world

Custom Cable Assemblies
  • Telecom manufacturer's challenge: Regular suppliers couldn't deliver a flexible cable - made up of 30 shielded, twisted pairs covered by a braid shield and PVC jacket - that could make tight bends in an equipment cabinet.
  • Gaming system manufacturer's challenge: Spending too much time and money to supply a cable accessory kit containing individual cables and hardware items that they purchased and had their in-house staff package.

Enter the Cability world

Both of these companies effectively solved these challenges with Cability.

  • Telecom customer gets a quality flexible cable: Cability application engineer met with the customer's design team to identify key parameters for the cable design and construction. After finalizing the specification, Cability worked with its raw cable manufacturer in China to develop a custom cable that met the electrical requirements while having the flexibility to easily fit in the equipment cabinets.
  • The gaming manufacturer supplies kit with little cost and no effort: Cability proposed to manufacture all the cables and procure the other items in the kit, package them to the customer's specification and ship the completed accessory kits to the customer. The completed kits were shipped to Cability's customer in cartons which were custom manufactured to allow shipping of the customer's product in the cartons after they were emptied. 

As a partnership between an experienced U.S.-based design and sales group and Far-East based manufacturing sites, Cability, Inc. specializes in designing and producing custom, application-specific cables and harnesses to meet the standards of its OEM customers.